Ubuntu (hardy) and Avocent Avworks for Autoview 2000r KVM

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Ubuntu (hardy) and Avocent Avworks for Autoview 2000r KVM

Postby forhire » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:52 am

Recently been migrating more office computers to Ubuntu. One of the nagging questions is if I would please get AVWorks to function in Ubuntu. A quick look at the Avocent website revealed that the app is designed for RedHat and Suse, but, knowing that it's a java app... I thought I'd give it a try.

It installed without issue and appears to work fine.

Here's how I did it:

Download the AVWorks 3.1 Linux package from Avocent here:
(You may need to use right-click save link as)

sudo sh ./setup.bin

During the install it give you the option of creating an Icon on the desktop. This didn't work for me. Also, when completed it give you the chance to run AVWorks now. Don't bother because it won't save your appliance settings. Run it after making the icon.

To make a desktop icon:
1. right click on the desktop
2. select "create launcher"
3. type a name like AVWorks
4. enter path to application: /usr/lib/Avocent_AVWorks/Avocent_AVWorks
5. Click OK and you should see a new laucher on the desktop

Lauch the app and test it. The first time you use it you'll need to add your appliance and devices.

So far it's working well.
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