Convert MS Access databases to Postgresql

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Convert MS Access databases to Postgresql

Postby forhire » Wed Dec 08, 2004 2:42 am

Back in the early days of my web development I created a number of large and complex MS Access 97 databases. As these databases have grown it has become required to convert them to a more friendly format... a process that can be quite time consuming. My sql of choice is Postgresql. A few months ago I stumbled accross a handy tool for converting from MS Access files to MySQL (here's the link if you happen to use mysql ... _2.3.1.exe ).

So tonight I went searching for free or otherwise software to do the conversion to Postgresql. I know I can export it from Access... if I had it, but I only have one copy of Access97 and no in house support for Access2k.

What I found was a very powerfull tool called: EMS PostgreSQL DataPump from

From their site:
Converting database structure and data from any SQL servers or local databases, which have an ADO provider
Ability to create a new PostgreSQL database or connect to the existing one
Possibility of selecting source tables, fields and indices for conversion
Easy and customizable generation of PostgreSQL tables, fields and indices according to the source database structure
Ability to view, edit and save SQL script for generating target database to a file
Full monitoring of the generation process
Possibility of selecting tables for data import
And more...

It's not open source... but for $49 bucks I can create a fully functional export in minutes. No more manually converting case or messing with datatypes. I can build my sql queries, create the database and import the data is a few simple steps.

Of course not all is perfect... it only runs in Windows... oh well.
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