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Running Windows applications on linux - Not OPEN Source

PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:09 pm
by loucks
I recently downloaded beta2 of Crossover Linux from CodeWeavers ( I use Office 2003 at work and have run it in linux before using VMware to run a virtual Windows machine. Crossover Linux allows me to run Office 2k3 natively on my Fedora Core 5 computer. It's base on wine but it's much more than that. It really takes the frustration of getting wine setup correctly and even downloads the fonts that it needs automagically. Everything works smoothly, and even though there isn't any support for Access, the other component of Office (Word, PowerPoint, Exell, and Outlook) work just fine. There is even support for WoW if you're into that. The other thing that I like about Crossover Linux is the price tag. At just $39.95 it's affordable. They even have a OS X product.